Lucys story

The Lockdown Lowdown Interview Diaries.

teaser - the soundtrack for lucy's story

We now have a composer on board - Ms Rosetta Bachofner. 

A Swiss born Masters Degree musician, who has brought Lucys story to life with her latest composition for the film.

This music was first produced and this footage just seemed to fit the sound perfectly. A couple of days editing and we had a period piece in our hands which works well as a first strike off and showcases Rosetta's amazing talents, which embellishes the film with a breathtaking feeing of belonging to a distant age.

cast interview 2

Ms Emma Louise Phillips - Mrs Emma Highet

Mr Kelly Merritt - The Defense Lawyer, Mr William Paisley 


The second instalment of our behind the scenes interviews, on set gossip and news with select cast and crew from the film. 

Keep tuning back in for more regular sessions.

cast interview 1

Ms Gina Bee - Mrs Martha Manson

Mr Jon Ian Dredge - Reporter for The West Cumberland Times. 


Behind the scenes interviews, on set gossiping news with select cast and crew from the film. 

The Films Latest Trailer

Released October 2019

Lucys monologue

Listen to Lucy talking about her short life and the pains she suffered growing up in Antrim and her new home in Workington. Cumberland . - Lucy Sands 14th Feb 1865 - 1st Dec 1881