Our Crew

Kieran Sebille - 1st Unit DOP


French born Kieran at only 22 years old is the youngest cameraman (and an amazing editor to boot) that we have in the crew.

He is director of photography first unit and can handle anything we throw at him, 

As a perfectionist he has two common sayings.. "I'll remove that in post' - But Kieran its a bloody massive new build monstrosity thats in the way!! "it'll be gone" and sure enough its gone!

and his more famous 'Just one more take' after hes already done 15 different angles and 200 takes of the same scene... but we cannot refuse his puppy eyed look when he asks? so we always give in. He is an amazing editor, laying claim to the trailer which we released in April and is now working on the short which we need to take on the road. Hes also an award wining writer and film producer! talent oozes form him.

LEanne Pratt - Sound


Leanne was one of those people who came through by one of the total chance encounters, one which Andy would do his usual eye roll and smile about!

Picture the scene, I'm in the tavistock courts attempting to get an audience with the trust and a date set for the court scenes of this film and being all knowledgable I corrected a man who was telling a young boy where the prisoner would stand when on trial. He asked if I worked there and I told him that i was location scouting, it only turned out that he was Liannes father and that she was studing film up country! so I gave him my number and in less than 20 minutes Leanne was on the phone and we'd arranged for her first appearance on set.

An amazing young lady who is destined for greater things.

Andy Qualtrough - 2ND UNIT DOP


I met Andy within a couple of days of pitching this idea for a film back in August 2018. He was immediately drawn to the subject and quizzed me for hours about Lucys story. 

Being totally sceptical (and remaining so) about the supernatural elements to the film, he gets rather bemused when we all start to swap stories of what we believe to be some contact from Lucy, Rolling his eyes and offering us a big grin is his usual way of saying - you lot are bloody nutters! I think he's now got used to us?

His main role is Director of Photography second unit, as we tend to film in two units on the larger shoots. he is also a driving force behind Darklight films a Cornish / Devon collaboration of some great minds who do actually make other films and release them!.

Max Franco - 1st Unit Camera crew


Max Franco - a long time friend and camera operator, whom I first met at the Cornwall Folk Festival in Wadebridge.

We directed and shot a music video together back in 2017 and we've never really looked back since.

Max a Venetian born Italian adds that definite Italian passion of fire to the mix - it just wouldn't;t be the same on set without him. 

This film has become his passion, from the moment I pitched it to him hes been in awe of Lucys story. Like the rest of us who are either unhinged or totally passionate? Max is in it till the bitter end of this film, thats for certain!

No website to show just yet, Max is a fully licensed drone pilot, so his expertise is immense, he does moonlight from this film quite regularly by shooting videos for bands, corporations and other events. 



Elly initially came along with Leanne to see what was going on with the film. Elly was soon put to work, first on clapper, then on sound and she's even had a spell at camerawork too. Shes unshakable, has worked through soem of the worst the freezing cold nights and warmest of days but has never faltered or complained once. Elly joins the ranks of being yet another amazing young woman whom we have been fortunate to meet on this journey.

She's also currently in her final year at uni in Gloucester. This talented young woman - like Leanne - is going to go far in this business.

We love the team and they gel so well when on set, we couldn't have done this without them!

John Peters - 2nd unit Camera crew


Cheeky Chappie John Peters pretty much looks like his profile picture all the time when he's on set, A passionate cameraman who loves his job and it shows! 

He came to us via darkLight films, joined the crew and has been on many a shoot that we've undertaken to date. He likes his after shoot wind down pints and never stops smiling and cracking jokes! 

He thinks like Andy and isn't afraid to tell us that "You are all bonkers mate!" but he does love the story of Lucy and has the same passion that we all have to tell her story to the world and to finally give her justice.

Owner of Floppy dog films he works on many other productions.

Principal Make up Artists and Photographic Team

Michele Bromley - MUA and SFX make up designer


Michele is our senior stylist, being mainly in charge of the main cast and the other MUA's on set. She runs a tight ship! Michele and myself had one of those 6 degrees of separation moments, we'd missed one another umpteen times on various TV series sets and only came together with this film. She is a lifelong friend of a close musician friend of mine from way back in the Punk / New wave days.

It was when I mentioned I was planning the film to Spizz (of SpizzEnergi fame) that he mentioned Michele to me, made us a messenger hookup and the rest is pretty much history! Michele was hooked from the very first page of the script and told me that whatever i was doing she was on board! 

As a team we work amazingly well together and I know I can trust her to bring in as many (or as few) MUA's as we need for each set. the last set we had 8 ladies working flat out to prepare the sa's for their courtroom scenes, Each and every one of them did an amazing job! BIG love to Michele, her and her team are the ones who really pull this entire film together.

Her work includes film/tv, live tv at ITV Good Morning Britain, MTV music awards, and has also taught sfx and prosthetics as principle tutor at Gorton Studio and Bath Academy Of Media MakeUp.

Lianne Heyward - KEy MUA


Lianne was brought in by Michele for the very first shoot, which was in the middle of winter, where they were working as a trio from a tent in the middle of the camel trail in Cornwall!

None of us knowing what to expect on the first day we all muddled through, yet, by the second day we had all gelled, the set had pulled itself together and the stage was well and truly set for all the future shoots! 39 people were dressed and paraded on set that day, more than we had even anticipated a little chaotic at times, but not one person complained.

Lianne and Michele held the fort perfectly, a small heater in multiple extensions fed into the tent to keep them warm, they were the warmest people on set that day! 

When it comes to just getting stuck in, all the MUA's we have had on set to date have all had that mindset, Lianne in particular as she remembers those crazy early days when chaos was king. I doff my cap to Lianne, she's an amazing woman.

Lucy Meneer - Key MUA


Lucy is still a mere teenage student in Taunton, but her drive, ability and professionalism shines through whenever she is on set which has lead to her being a key MUA in this outfit, Lucy beams her gorgeous smile at you and you instantly know that shes enjoying every second of being on the job and in the moment of being on set. 

The amount of young ladies who are involved with this film is phenomenal, and their professionalism when on set whether they are students or seasoned MUA's / film degree holders etc. totally knocks us all back. 

Lucy has also appeared as a body double for Lucys corpse in quite a few of the earlier shoots. Never complaining, she just flashes her smile and you instantly know that all is well and shes in her zone.

This young woman deserves to go far in her work. Lucy has become an unfaltering (and irreplaceable) key member of the team from the first days shoot. and was with us recently for the Tavistock crowd scenes. 

Ceri Nixon - Key MUA


Ceri Nixon was drafted in by Michele and joined us for our second on location Boscarne junction railway shoots.
Ceri  was invited to be part of the makeup team by the incredibly talented Michele Bromley. 


I've always had a passion for makeup, especially SFX. This is the first film I've had the privilege to work on and what an amazing experience its been. All the cast and crew have been so welcoming and friendly. I'm forever grateful to be a part of telling Lucy's incredible story and to be part of this talented crew.

We are privileged to have had you on set Ceri, to be linked in the Key MUA section is an honour bestowed by Michele and that alone speaks volumes as to your potential in this business,. Hopefully we can watch you grow over the coming years, as we firmly believe that everyone who has dipped their toes into their production should springboard onto better things in the near future.

Mike Alsford - official Photographer


Mike also came out of the blue, I have not got a clue how he joined us but his interest was strong sp we just told him to come down and grab what he could on one of the smaller shoot days we've done. This lead onto him coming to each subsequent shoot and bringing into the fray our Judge - Jason Collins. Mike has also got the Lucy bug, it seems that anyone associated with the film is just hooked the moment they arrive on set and that's it, they work their socks off to get her story to every corner of their universe.

Mikes involvement has brought us media coverage in the south-west via the Western Morning News' weekend supplement back in April, and he is working hard alongside another of his ex fleet street colleagues to try and get Lucys story into the national media. no mean feat! but they seem to be breaking some ground....?

Mike has provided a lot of the portraits for the website and for this page, and some staged BTS (Behind the scenes) images for publications and social media. We would like to say a HUGE massive thanks to Mike Alsford for all his hard work to date.

Ange Harper - Official Photographer


Ange Harper, a friend who goes back an awfully long way, hailing originally from South Africa and now living in London, Angela puts herself out time and time again for Lucys film, 

If there is a sniff of a new image to capture, she'll be hiring a car and pulling up outside the location to grab what she can in her lens. Shes the powerhouse behind the films poster and also behind a lot of the behind the scenes images which we often let out on our social media outlets. Ange is more of a corporate events photographer, recent jobs include London Pride and the paralympics, plus she does private commissions, weddings, corporate functions etc. but Lucys story seems to have also grabbed her by the throat and pulled her into the fray. 

She brought down renowned London based photographer Taya Uddin on her last trip to Devon, they both brought a great vibe and fun air to the shoot and captured some amazing images of the day.

Thank you so much you beautiful ladies.

Assistant (and trainee) Make up Artists



Caroline joined us for the first time on set on the Tavistock shoot in June 2019. A complete newbie to the film she joined the 8 other MUA's and ensured that her section was manned and productive at all times, ensuring the teams efforts ran like clockwork, nobody could believe the way this was moving forwards, 150 people attending the session and the biggest shoot we have had to date. These young women nailed their targets in record time and in my eyes are total heroes.

Caroline has become quite an advocate for the film and Lucys story, and has moved rapidly up the success ladder this past few months by being drafted into other productions that are associated with both cast and crew from Lucys story.

This is how we love to see the shoots, not just a fun yet exhausting day out, but also a great networking event, where they can rise up the ranks and make their mark in the vicinity.

A BIG thanks to Caroline for her efforts that day and for any other days she appears on the film.

Millie Reynolds - assistant mua


 Hi I’m millie, I’ve had a love for makeup since performing in musicals when I was younger! My passion has developed and I’m grateful to say that it is now my full time job! 

Being only 18 years old I still have a long way to go but so far I have had some amazing opportunities!
I have a makeup Instagram which is : @millie_makeupp
And also a Youtube Channel : see the live link below.

We'd all love to thank Millie for all her hard work on set in June when we had the 150+ cast and crew on board, it was no mean feat to get this amount of people ready for a court scene, but Millie mucked in alongside everyone and by 11am everyone was ready and in their places in the courtroom ready to start a day of sheer mayhem.

Our gratitude goes out to all the ladies who have put so much of their time and efforts into this film, You are now a part fo the essential workings of this and this alone keeps the drive alive to take this to completion. Thanks Millie x

Maddie Pearce - Assistant MUA


Maddie has been a Hair and Make up artist for nearly 18 years with experience in all aspects of make up such as red carpet, editorial, runway live TV & film. For the last 5 years Maddie also freelances as a Media Make Up lecturer and was happy to be invited along to join the team for the day and to bring along a sturdy team of students for some work experience. 

Maddie first met Michele 14 years ago and they have worked together many times over the years and always seek out opportunities to get the dream team back together!

And what a team this was! They rocked their section and ensured that the whole day went smoothly, It was our pleasure having you on set for this mammoth session that made some of the professional sets that I've been on simply pale into the background, 

Amber Rail - assistant MUA


My name is Amber Rail and I am a beauty, theatrical and SFX freelance hair and makeup artist from Cornwall. 

Owner of AMBEeffects (Make believe effects) SFX makeup business and AMBElegance (Make believe elegance) Beauty makeup business. I have a wide range of experience in the field from working behind the scenes on film sets to modelling for other makeup artists at global events. 

I have achieved all of this since studying makeup at Cornwall College back in 2016.

Erin Lyons - assistant trainee MUA


I am currently in college studying makeup at petroc. I am honoured to have worked on this movie as it was a great learning experience. I am very passionate about working on a set with a crew and would love to go further in this career. 

I am open to learning new things and helping out on the Lucy Sands movie has definitely given me a taste of what I hope to accomplish in the future.

Anna Rutter Jerome - assistant MUA


Professional London-trained make-up artist based in Devon, Anna has been a freelance MUA for 17 years.

Anna R-J is a Devon based London-trained Professional Make-Up Artist specialising in high end make-up for photographic shoots, weddings, editorial work, television and films. She also has a BA (Hons) in Media Production.

Assistant Troinee Make Up Artists and Film Crew

Sarah-Jane Nicholls - Assistant trainee MUA


Sarah was brought in by Michele as an assistant trainee makeup artist for a day of shooting at Flambards in the Victorian Village.

They met whilst Sarah was studying at the Bath Academy of Media Makeup where Michele was a tutor. 

Sarah got her first taste of film work with the Ballad of Lucy Sands and immediately fell in love with the whole filming process, where her enjoyment for the process and the warmth and camaraderie of the Ballad of Lucy Sands cast and crew sparked a passion that has led her to continue working in film and television makeup. 

A link to Sarah's portfolio can be found on the link below.

Destiny Seal - Assistant Trainee MUA


I am a 17 year old training makeup artist and self taught sfx artist, studying at Petroc college in Makeup artistry and beauty retail. 

I wish to pursue my dream of becoming a special effects and makeup artist in movies and theatre. It was an honour to work on The Ballad of Lucy Sands and I believe it grants me one step closer to my goal.

Sophie Fethers - assistant Trainee MUA


I’m a 17 year old college student who is studying media makeup. In the future I would like to be a professional makeup artist either on film sets or make my own business. My makeup instagram is

Matthew cole - sound


Matthew is a part time boom and sound operator who drops in and out of production from time to time,  Due to his geographical location he's not always to hand, but has helped the production crew out on and off from the very beginning of our journey. 

Richard Roberts - DOP


Richard was on set at The Spanish Princess when I was working on it last year. When he heard about the film he was immediately interested and asked to be called if we needed a cameraman for any of the shoots. We did in February and he came down to Cornwall from Wales and added his magic to the mix. Hes an amazing DOP to work with both on and off set, his dry and funny humour really puts everyone at ease and his professionalism shines through on set. We will be working with Richard again this year. 

Scotty Russell - Clapper


Scotty Russell, A good friend who introduced Matthew to us. Hailing from Dorset hes a hard man to track down nowadays as hes permanently overseas on his regular job, but from time to time he comes along and does throw his bit into the film, Always a joy to have on set, hes one of the coolest clapper board operators we know.