Story Synopsis

The Ballad of Lucy sands

The Ballad of Lucy Sands 

The true life story of a young Irish orphan named Lucinda, brought with James - her brother - from Belfast to live with her grandmother and Aunt in the northern Cumberland town of Workington in 1876.  

Lucy lived in the town for 5 years, she was far from your conventional Victorian young lady. Independent, fearless, an attitude and a temper from hell! One cold evening, December 1st 1881, she left her home at no 2 Christian street to walk out with her friends, Maggie, Jane and Mary, she never returned home that night.  

Lucys body was discovered 3 months later on the 1st March 1882, hidden beneath a pile of old road cobbles by the side of the busy main road that lead out of town, the Northside.  

Her murder shook the very fabric of Victorian society, the news of her murder spread virally across the empire. For weeks the papers were reporting the girls murder, and for weeks later they reported the unfair trial of her murderer!  

Lucy came to me in a brief dream in 2011 when I was living in New Zealand, asked 3 times for me to help her before her bloodcurdling scream cut through my sleep and woke me with a start!  

Intrigued by such a vivid dream I started to research what I believed could be the source of it. Spending 2 years researching a family and a house in the neighbouring town of Maryport, 

in 2013 I came full circle and stumbled upon a court case which one of the Pocklington Senhouse JP’s had been party to in Carlisle. Studying the case I realised there were many similarities to the dream?  

I followed this story and soon extinguished all internet searches.  

I moved back to the UK in 2013 and immediately searched for more information, Its out there, but its not publicised, its not easy to find and its laying in dust stained boxes - her memory faded into obscurity. I needed to find out more about this girl!   

In 2015 I finally visited the town where she had lived, to try and find her final resting place, the place where she had lived and the place of her murder.  

I found just one out of three, the house on her street was still there, her grave headstone missing, the entire churchyard had been levelled out in the early 1960’s no trace of her grave was there yet her body lay under that earth, somewhere?  

The murder spot was located near to where I was searching by the river, but was also unmarked.  Frustrated by the lack of any landmarks to where she had been slain I turned back to walk towards the town and a chill went down my spine, the hairs on my arms lifted, through my eyes I was seeing the very same landscape that I had seen in my dream! It was at this point that I knew I was doing the right thing, 

It was then that I realised I had to see this through to the end of my research and give Lucy the justice she was robbed of...  

This film is the culmination of 8 years of ongoing research and a lot of soul searching - and coming to terms with the facts that a person who has been dead for 137+ years can make contact with the living - but why me?   

Once I had the information, the truth, what do I do with it? 

I make this story, Lucys untold true story, public property.  

Thats exactly what we're now doing with the help of a crew and cast of over 70 professionals who have the same drive and passion for the girl who lived so many years before, yet whom we believe is driving this forwards  

This time, Justice will be served!  

This is The Ballad of Lucy Sands.