Our Partners and Patrons who have supported Lucys story



Luby Jay Millinery of Cheshire came out of the woodwork last year as we started out on the journey of this film. 

Lorraine primarily produced and recreated the hat that you see Lucy wearing in the only surviving 1880 image of her on our pages on social media.

This hat she reproduced was beyond lush, made to measure for Leah Smiths costume and was its crowning glory!

She also made the smaller hat You can see Esther Reay wearing throughout the film.

In June 2019 - around 2 weeks before the last shoot we did in Tavistock, we needed to fast forwards the film by 5 years, Lorraine came to the rescue once again, researched extensively and produced 3 more stunning creations at break neck speed! We had them in our hands a week before the shoot and they were simply beyond stunning! Lorraine's eye for detail and  workmanship is pretty damned phenomenal.

You can see the stunning hats she made on our latest BTS shots of all 4 girls for their later years shoot - above, and the others she made for us on the cast and crew images.

Please visit her page below, there is more activity on her facebook pages - the link is on her site.



That same day we were on social media having a bit of an argy bargy with a wannabe milliner who thought our shout out for help was 'downright cheeky' Maus Hynes-Hitchen - owner of The Hat Trae - also came out of the woodwork and offered her services to the film, she took an immediate shine to Maggie's character (as many do!) and set about creating a hat for her, the one you see her wearing which matches her dress throughout the majority of this film.

She also provided other hats from which we kitted out Jane Shannon, Mary Lawson and Sarah Stewart, and many of the cast and support have been fit with the remainder of the hats she supplied to us en masse.

It was January when we decided that Maggie needed a new outfit, Maus came straight to the table and insisted she was given first refusal, 

Within 2 weeks two hats appeared on our doorstep both for Maggie! both amazing designs using real dried roses and other feathered adornments.

Maggie looked amazing in them we were literally spoilt for choice and at loggerheads at which to use with her new outfit.!

please visit her website below to see what she is capable of creating



The Bodmin and Wenford steam railway, located in Bodmin - Cornwall was a complete coup for this film. Being the chancer that I am, on an unrelated accidental drive past of the location I was compelled to stop and simply 'ask' if they would consider allowing a pipe dream to become a reality. This pipe dream!

Meeting with one of their enthusiastic volunteers Jimmy I was taken on a 3 hour journey in VIP guards carriage class to see if any of my ideal locations were to be found on their tracks, 

By the time the second leg of the journey was almost over I had bagged the location to replicate the long since dismantled Workington Bridge street station in Cumbria. The place where Lucys remains were taken on the 1st March 1882.

The staff of the railway have been more than accommodating, allowing us full run of the tracks the platforms, the waiting room, the carriages and their Victorian Iron horses which they lovingly cherish in their collection of running steam trains.

Their station in Bodmin is open pretty much all year round . with various events taking place throughout the year.

Visit their site via the link below for full details.



The Tavistock Heritage Trust are a team of volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure that the heritage of this ancient stannery town is not lost!

I met with their team leaders back in 2018 when I was researching ideas for the film and on a location scouting mission.

I walked into the 'Guildhall' the towns original Victorian Courtroom and was taken aback by its crumbling dusty splendour! Untouched for many a year the courts are still in their original state from when it was built by the Victorians under the Duke of Bedfords commission.

The courts and the cells are a perfect backdrop for this story. After many months of working with the Tavistock town council and the Heritage Trust we secured the building for our first shoot back in June 2019, we are now racing against the clock as the courts are shutting down for full refurbishment on the 5th August, 

Two more shoots need to be slotted in before that date and we are busying ourselves to ensure these happen. - see the Link below to visit their site.



Since I started working on (and researching) Lucys story, The staff of the Helena Thompson Museum; Stephen and Trisha offered their services to the film, their passion and dedication to keeping the history of their town alive has helped bring Lucys memories out of the dust stained books and files that they have been collecting from places and locals over the years - and into what is now a majorly important film chronicling her life and finally bringing her murderers to justice.

Workington in itself is a major supporter of the film and the whole concept behind it, hence the reason why we chose to launch the premiere of the short there in June 2019.. The museum offered their premises and we eagerly accepted, 3 sold out screenings and 300+ people saw this short and listened to our talks about Lucy and the town of yesteryear. The museum and towns populace remain staunch supporters of Lucys story and appeared in in the scenes shot in Workington inOctobers 2019 shoots.

Click on the link to be taken to their website, theres lots to see on there.



Nestled in the deepest depths of South Cornwall in Helston, lies the Flambards Theme Park.

The park is mainly known for its high octane rides, and hazy summer family days out - but, nestled within its buildings lay some amazing visual treats. 

We chanced upon their Victorian Village (there's also a WWII themed walk around area in there) a couple of years ago and cheekily asked if they rented the place out for filming, we were delighted to hear that they were willing to accommodate our team and cast and so in December of 2018 we set about recreating the Victorian streets of old Workington for the film using the Victorian Village and its cobbled streets as its backdrop.

The results from the very first frame we shot were stunning! We continue to use the village to this day and have further shoots planned in the villages dark streets before this film comes to completion.

You can find out more about Flambards by clicking on the link below.


Bodmin town hall - Cornwall


Bodmin town hall and their previous Mayor became big supporters of the film in 2019. Allowing us to use their stunning upstairs rooms of the old Courts at their Shire Hall for the scene where Isaac first meets the girls in his own domain. and granting us access to other such delightful backdrops in the town. 

We are hoping to film in the town one last time before the end of 2019, with a scene depicting the underhandedness of the judges and officials who were in charge of ensuring the court case went to plan.

bodmin old library - cornwall


Bodmin Old Library, now a place for the community holding regular functions was used by us on the 14th February 2019 for a specific scene where Isaac Bird throws his weight around at poor young Maggie Crannie.

The backdrop of their hallway was perfect for this scene giving us arial shots from the staircase and from the length of the hallway, It was an amazing scene set in a beautiful seat of a Victorian learning establishment, 

Its good to see it being put to new uses.

st johns church - workington


St Johns church whom we have grown close to in our research over the years were called on a last minute whim in October 2019 after research brought up the actual words from Rev J J Thornley for Lucys burial in 1882, We asked if they could possibly help us with  a possible recreation of the funeral of Lucy, They didn't disappoint, 

We were told that the church was at our disposal and we made certain that it was filled to capacity that day with the help of the Workington Academy and a funeral director.

westfield primary school


Another school who came out in force with many young stars of the town joined us on the 29th October 2019 firth mob scenes and for the funeral of Lucy.

The teachers and young actors were as much a credit to their school and parents as were those of The Academy,  playing their parts in the mob chase and settling immediately down to a very sedate and quite upsetting scene of the coffin being brought into the church by funeral director Andrew Richardson and his team and with the actual re-spoken words of the Rev J.J. Thornley from the funeral of Lucy they certainly got into character and were in as many floods of tears as were the cast and some of the crew.

We cannot tank the schools and people of Workington enough for their hard work in the lead up to this scene. Everyone involved made it an incredibly special and very deeply meaningful day for us all.

Coop funeral care workington


As mentioned previously, a funeral director at the cooperative Funeral care in Workington was approached by our director who was on a location scout in the town back in August 2019. With the cheek of the devil and the luck of the Irish behind him Andrew was immediately hooked on the idea and promised his (and his staffs) services along with providing a casket for the recreated funeral on the day - the 29th October 2019.

What they brought to the scene was nothing short of amazing! They carried the coffin through the aisle and past the crowds whom we filled the church to capacity with, many of whom were crying real tears that day.

It was one of the most emotional scenes we have shot on this film, it took a full day to shoot but was worth every second of the day we were there.

It couldn't have been possible without the help of these wonderful people.

the workington academy


Another establishment whom we mentioned earlier, they were literally amazing!

Around 90 pupils from the school turned up in costume with a load of their teachers to help fill the church, which had only been booked that morning for a real funeral!

So, not wishing to have them hanging around for a few hours, our director seized the opportunity to whip them up into an a frenzied  angry crowd and have them mob chase Maggie and Jane around the streets of Workington. a scene which actually did take place back in 1882.

After this, we filled the church with them all, and they were a total credit to their school. 

They were perfect in every way. Crying real tears as the coffins lead in and service was carried out word perfect to the day when Lucy was buried on the 3rd March 1882.

A memory we will all cherish for many years to come thanks to St Johns kindness.

More partners to the film,


We have  forged many relationships with a lot of people and companies over this past year, These are some of them. 

Tavistock Subscription Library


The subscription Library in Tavistock is a tiny eclectic room set deep in the labyrinth of the Victorian town halls buildings.

We needed a police interview room, we had one in Bodmin, but the town council moved in and that was the end of that location for our shoots.

A more permanent place was needed so we asked around the town of Tavistock and on a random location scouting for a graveyard we stumbled upon this gem of a place.

Its Victorian splendour still resonates throughout its walls and doorways.

We used this location for the place where Isaac Bird works, his personal office in the police station, and as its only mere yards from the original Victorian police station of Tavistock, its ideal for its purpose, 

We will be revisiting the location again in late 2019 for more police interviews with Isaac, a number of witnesses and his colleagues.

Its with special thanks to Devon Historian Simon Dell and his colleagues for allowing us the use of this perfect location. It certainly compliments the films feel. 

THE Broughton Craggs Hotel


We stumbled upon this gem of a hotel back in June 2018 when we needed a place for our young Actor ambassadors - Tamsin and Olivia - to stay the night before they appeared on the ITV interview.

The moment we drove up the sweeping driveway and entered the grand entrance hall of this Victorian Gentlemans Lodge we knew that it was a special place,

Negotiations ensued that evening with the management and we secured 8 rooms for the film shoot in October 2019 and managed to get permission to film in the hotel itself, The final scene of the film was the first scene we shot in one of the rooms on our first day of filming - and we will be returning in 2020 to film a number of our final scenes for the film in their grounds. 

The warm welcome and great service we received will ensure that this hotel will always be our place to stay of choice for all future visits to Workington. 

and as its become a backdrop for some scenes in the film, it has to be included in our partners and patrons section.