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The Ballad of lucy sands - the film - the details

The Ballad of Lucy Sands (the image next to this article is one of only two images that survive of Lucy sands from 1880) is an independent production - which is currently being self financed by the director and scriptwriter., a big advocator of 'if you have something to prove, then putting your money where your mouth is' is the best option!

Therefore all the cast and crew are working for expenses and a virtual IOU, should this film break through the barriers of the standards in the film industry and actually make waves enough to be noticed in an industry that doesn't like to deviate from the norm.

Filming events - whats been done and whats happening next?

Our shoot in June, was our biggest ever! with over 150 people on set, featuring many of the main cast and a lot of brand new supporting artists who came along and helped us to recreate the Victorian court scenes, 

These guys did an amazing job and the end product is going to be nothing short of stunning! 

We would like to thank everyone who came along and made that day an extremely special one for all of us who were in attendance. It was physically exhausting but the atmosphere was electric!

Our last shoot in Workington completely blew us all away!

Over 200 people helped us in the Church scenes and throughout the week countless people came along to help out with background work and with main cast roles too.

This was and will no doubt remain our biggest series of shoots to date. taking over 4 days and late nights to complete, but incredibly worthwhile and certainly something which will live in our thoughts for some years to come.

With 36 full scenes and pick ups scenes left to perform, our next task is to schedule a series of smaller shoots between December and March - in Tavistock, Bodmin, Helston, and a few other places in Cornwall plus the finale will be the final 8 scenes which we will shoot on location in Workington Cumbria once more, Easter 2020. 

We then start to piece this film together scene by scene - minute by minute, to attempt to get it completed for its first premiere in Workington on the 14th February 2021.

We still have a long way to go with this, but are closer to completion of the shoots than we previously anticipated. December and January should see a lot of these scenes finished and the first half of the film should be in a complete enough state to start to piece together. It currently resides on multiple hard drives in a fragmented state...  

In this industry, patience has become a necessary virtue to us all. 


Please visit our home page and the media pages for videos and other newspaper articles that the film has been featured in/on this year. 

For a fledgling film, Lucys story seems to be making some definite waves around the country. From as close as Cornwall and Devon to as far away as Cumbria, Carlisle. and Teeside, with a lot of interest from America and overseas building.

Current fundraising

Being big believers in not wanting to beg strangers to hand over their cash for nothing in return, we have recently started to do some private fundraising to enable us to buy props and costumes for the latest films court scenes.

Our last offer was a limited edition of 25 pieces of an A1 Vinyl reproduction of the films cinema poster which was signed by as many of the cast as we can muster together on the 23rd June.

The cost was £25.00 and the sold out editions enabled us to purchase the horsehair wigs we needed for the judge, barrister and defence lawyer plus robes for the court hearing.

We will be running further offers of smaller mounted props and signed memorabilia over the coming months to enable us to carry on the journey of this amazing film.

The films short version - and the tour?

We do have a short version of the film that is currently being re-edited to remove a few gremlins from the mix. 

This short film was premiered at the Helena Thompson Museum on the 2nd of June to 3 sold out audiences. It was accompanied by the latest trailer and a brand new trailer that won't be seeing the light of day publicly until December the 1st 2019.

The 3 sets of film were accompanied by pieces of music from two musicians who have contributed to the films soundtrack - Laura Mulcahy and Izzys Daughter - along with a talk about the film, its historical significance, and how it came to me and what has happened over this past 7 years during my extensive research. over this period of time.

There was a meet and greet with a dozen or so of the films rising main stars, and this is scheduled to go on tour later this summer around the UK. starting in Cornwall and Devon.

So if you know of a venue that would fit at least one hundred people, which would sell out at least one screening session (2 hours) please do get in touch. 

We want Lucys story to reach every corner of the UK.

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