Lucys story

Lucys story


A Brief Intro to the Film

A few words about the film are provided here, Theres so much to say but we don't want to blind you with waffle! So please, go straight for the videos and watch those, they say so much more than words could ever do.


Up to date news

This lavishly produced (on an incredibly tight self financed budget) period drama feature film is still in production, yet, we have managed to release two trailers. Plus a new 8 minute short monologue was released on the 1st December 2019. To commemorate the 138th year since Lucy was murdered.

In the past six months we have filmed around many locations in the country. Taking the shoots out of Cornwall to Devon, where we shot some large crowd scenes for the Courtroom scenes, then to Workington (Lucys hometown) in Cumbria, where we filmed 20 scenes which involved over 200 people on set to recreate the mob scenes and the harrowing funeral of Lucy, where we filmed in St Johns Church, the same Church where Lucy's funeral took place in 1882 and where she was buried. We found the exact passage that was spoken on that date by the Rev'd J J Thornley and recited these exact words in that scene.

In January we spent 50+ hours on set. working our way through a lot of character development scenes for specific characters. These included scenes of a birth, a wedding and some rather drunken behaviour incited by Maggie Crannie. , , 

Sad times lie ahead, as a number of our actors will play their last roles over these coming months as we get closer to completion of the film. but despite this, we will always be family.


Director & Cast

I hate being in the spotlight for this film, its not my story, its Lucys, I'm simply the one who answered the calling and researched it. Which lead to this feature film being made.
I prefer to call myself an 'Accidental Director' as this is a trade I have fallen into in later life. No academic training, just a passion to make something happen from my time spent on set as a SA on many a production that has given me a wonderful taste of what the industry holds.

The cast have miraculously come out of the woodwork and slid comfortably into their roles in this period drama, only two actors to date have been through the  'casting call' interview, they are Tamsin Ford and Leah Smith. both of whom are the leading actors of this film. Playing roles of 17 year old Maggie Crannie and 16 year old Lucy Sands.

Other actors include: Olivia Maiden and Abby Sparrow - Playing the parts of  16 year old Jane Shannon and 15 year old Mary Lawson.

Key characters are plentiful in The Ballad of Lucy Sands.
They can be found featured in the Cast and Crew pages - click on the link below to find out more about these amazing actors.


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The Ballad of Lucy Sands

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